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PowerCatcher, extensions and options

The following options are available for the Powercatcher for the following prices. You can click on the majority of the options to get more detailed information about the option.

Digital battery indicator   Big Halogeen headlight   Extra bait compartment with endless screw
meer informatie over de digitale accu indicator   De verstraler van de PowerCatcher   Extra voerbak / vijzel voor de PowerCatcher voerboot

€ 75,-


€ 150,-


€ 200,-

Humminbird Smartcast
RF15 fishfinder
  Underwatercamer and camera on the front, incl. TFT-screen in aluminum case   Solarpanel 13 Watt suitcase-model incl cables
Humminbird Smartcast RF15 dieptemeter / fishfinder   Onder- en bovenwatercamera incl. scherm in Alu. koffer  

€ 475,-


€ 695,-


€ 150,-

Camouflage painted   Special realtree airbrush painted   Extra Lead-battery 12V/7Ah 
PowerCatcher voerboot in camouflage kleuren gespoten   PowerCatcher voerboot met special paint gespoten  

€ 150,-


€ 400,-


€ 35,-

Extra Lead-battery 12V/9Ah   Tripod for fishfinder   Extra batterypack
for transmitter
Geen afbeelding beschikbaar   Geen afbeelding beschikbaar   Geen afbeelding beschikbaar

€ 50,-


€ 40,-


€ 30,-

If you order a baitboat with options in total of over € 1500,- You will get a beautifull digital transmitter Robbe Futaba T6J 2,4 Ghz instead of the basic transmitter.

The basic transmitter will be a good quality 5 or 6 channel transmitter (can be Graupner, Hype or Robbe).

For example:


You order a PowerCatcher baitboat with the following options: battery-indicator, halogeen headlight, fishfinder and an extra lead battery for an amount of only € 1520,- and you will receive the digital Robbe Futaba T6J transmitter with an extra value of € 100,- for free.

With this transmitter you can check on your batterystatus, the amount of time you used the transmitter (this can easily be put back to zero), configure motors and servo. So if after a while you need to trim your boat, you can alter that yourselves digitally. 

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