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Guarantee, terms & conditions of L.G. Bosveld Modelbouw

As owners of L.G. Bosveld Modelbouw, we, Leon and Thea Bosveld, fully and entirely support our products. We do everything in our power to deliver a product free of defects. That is our main priority. But sadly as with all products (also of course because we use parts and components of other manufacturers) unforseen things can happen. That is why we have this page with terms & conditions concerning our guarantee.

On all our products (baitboats and powerroller) we give two years guarantee, provided that manual and specific instructions and guidelines given by L.G. Bosveld Modelbouw are implemented.

The main powerprint is also manufactured by L.G. Bosveld Modelbouw, in the newest boats this print also includes speedcontrollers! This print can be seperately shipped to us if it needs to be checked or repaired! Every component on the print we can replace ourselves. This means that the boat does not need to be transported (!) and it takes very little time to repair, you may expect the print to be returned within a week.

Your invoice is your proof of guarantee.

There will never be any entitlement to guarantee if:

- the customer has not paid or has partly paid the invoice, or has any other outstanding debt with L.G.       Bosveld Modelbouw

- damage was the result of incompetent use

- the customer opens up the boat by seperating the upper and lower hull

- the customer single-handedly alters or midifies anything on the product with no written consent of L.G.   Bosveld Modelbouw

- if the product is sold to a third party

Manufacturer guarantee only:

On parts we use from other manufacturers such as: servo, motor, transmitter, speedcontrollers.

If unfortunately any of these parts would fail within the first three months L.G. Bosveld will replace the item with no costs. After that period we will send the item to its manufacturer and ask for replacement.

But unfortunately from our experience we almost never get proper compensation. In those cases we will always offer a new part at our purchase price! In the guarantee period we will not charge labor!

No guarantee:

On batteries, leadbatteries and accupacks, and damage caused by faulty batteries such as leeking.


PowerCatcher baitboat model is legally protected and therefore cpying of the design is prohibited.

Registrationnumber 000524558.


All prices mentioned on this website are post-tax, but not including transportation costs (to mainland UK € 30,-)

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