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PowerCatcher, the technical specifications

The body,

onderzijde bootThe body, hull of the PowerCatcher is made of 4,5mm thick, shockproof and almost unbreakable ABS-plastic (Acrylonitril-Butadieen-Styreen). The PowerCatcher has a catamaran-type design, which makes it ultra stable, loaded and unloaded, in even the worst weather conditions. 

The range of the PowerCatcher is at least 500 meters. Loading capacity of the main bait tank is 1,5 kilo.

Body dimentions : 70cm x 35cm x 30 cm ( l x w x h) net own weight: ca 2500 gram (leadbattery excluded).


Graupner logoOnly the best electronics parts en components are good enough. That is why we only use the best brands available on the market like Graupner an Robbe. Also you have different kind of models but throughout the years we found the parts we use of proven good quality. And when something is good, it's good! These are the parts we use at this moment: 

De motors:

The PowerCatcher is driven by two strong and powerfull electrical motors: Graupner Speed 720BB Torque. Low noise motors with 4100 rotations per minute and with relatively low use of electricity consumption, with which a sailingtime of more or less 120 minutes can be made on one leadbattery.

The speedcontrollers:

Of course also two pieces, we use Graupner Speed Profi 40R BEC. Both motors are driven by means of the V-mixer control, this is why the PowerCatcher is super maneuverable. It is possible to turn the boat 360 degrees on the spot!


Graupner 5491, ultra strong digitale servo with metal gear.
This servo can move a weight up to 7 kilo's! So that means there is more than enought capacity for this servo to drop the baittank. 


For the basic models and up to 1500 euro we use a 5 or 6 channel transmitter of proven good quality. This can be either Graupner, Hype or Robbe. We can not be specific on this point because we have learnd that it is not always possible to order at any time. So we had to broaden our options.
As options we offer a Robbe Futaba T6J 2,4 Ghz, luxury digital transmitter, also free of charge if you spend more than € 1500,-.


Leadbattery 12 Volt - 7 Ampère/hour with a weight of 2,6 kilo.
For extended sailingtime 12 Volt - 9 Ampère/uur with a weight of 3,2 kilo.


Two handmade 4-blades brass propellors 55 mm across. The propellors are protected by special RVS grills. 

Solar panel:

In a case, 13W. This is an ideal accessory if you for example make a longer fishingtrip. You have to take more leadbatteries because you can load them at your campsite.

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