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On this page you'll find all the latest news regarding the Powercatcher baitboat and all other products from Bosveld Modelbouw. Keep your eyes peeled on this page to be sure you're up to date about our products.

We developed our own POWERPRINT. With the use of this print we can control the motors, the led's and halogeen light and the endless screw. It is the brain of the boat so to speak.

Because of this print the front led's will start to blink when the power of the leadbattery is too low. So this way you know exactly when to change your lead battery.

And very importantly: whenever something is tangled in your propellor (like wire) the front led's on the side of the obstruction will blink! 

If you have the options halogeen light, the print will turn off the light after one minute.

If you have the option 2e baittank with endless screw, the print will turne off the endless screw whenever there is any obstruction.

All these options are for protection of the parts and to increase the life span.

The great advantage of this print is: whenever there is interference in the boat or the functions are not flawless, you can simply disconnect the powerprint and send it to us. In these cases the boat can safely stay at your home.

And because we build it ourselves we can also always repair or replace quickly. 

Did you know:

- That the halogeen light is, naturally, te be controlled with your transmitter. Because of the heat this light produces it is important you handle this device with care. Max. one minute at a time.

- That the front led's on the boat are also to be controlled with the transmitter!

- That the led's om the back stay on for your knowledge that the boat is turned on. 

- That if you phone us because you have trouble, it is VERY important you explain the problem as good as possible, because allthough sometimes it seems to be a big problem, most of the time it's very easy to solve.

- That you can control the baittank to go back in natutal position. 

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