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Order your own Powercatcher Baitboat

The basic PowerCatcher Baitbaot costs € 795,- 

The delivery of the basic PowerCatcher contains:

  1. highgloss black hulls and parts
  2. 1x main baittank with loading capacity of about 1,5 kilo
  3. 1x  5 or 6 channel transmitter of good quality (can be f.e. Graupner, Hype or Robbe)
  4. 1x batteries or batterypack for the transmitter
  5. 1x lead battery 12V / 7Ah
  6. nessecary loading equipment and/or cables and/or connections
  7. 4x blue LED’s on the front en 2x LED’s (green and red) at the back of the boat

Payment options

Payment only in cash if you pick up the boat yourself, beforehand  by money transfer or PAYPAL (+ 5% of the total amount) if we have to arrange transport of the boat.

Hereby I want to order a basic PowerCatcher for the price of 795,- euros. If I want to have extra options added to the basic version, I'll fill in the details below.

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